Tuesday, January 21, 2020


Monthly parking accounts give you the best value if you live downtown, work in the downtown area or attend classes full time. They give you unlimited access to a guaranteed space 24/7, with the exception of home football games. Accounts are assigned to a specific facility and each facility has it’s own unique monthly rate.

Find the rates here.
To set up a monthly parking account, simply sign up here.
Monthly Parking Sign Up.

Please note that we cannot provide estimates as to when you will reach the top of the waitlist.

A Monthly Parking Agreement will need to be filled out in addition to paying the first month, or half-month’s, parking rent. We can prorate accounts in half-month increments (i.e. the 1st & 16th). There is also a $10 keycard fee for the proxy card you’ll use to get in & out. Your monthly parking account will automatically renew each month until we receive a cancellation in writing. We send invoices on the 20th of each month (or following business day).

Account Cancellations

Per the Monthly Parking Agreement, written notice of cancellation is required and can be sent to the City of Lincoln Parking Office by mail to 1100 “N”, Lincoln, NE 68508, by e-mail to parking@lincoln.ne.gov, or stop by our office to fill out a cancellation form. Cancellations over the phone will not be accepted. We will need the account number and/or keycard number, effective date of cancellation, name on the account, and if you are enrolled in automatic withdrawal.

Accounts can be cancelled the 1st and 15th of the month and pro-rated accordingly. The account holder will be charged for parking until written cancellation is given, even if they stop using the parking facility.


Before filling out a Monthly Agreement form, please check to see if the facility is available.

We currently have wait lists for most of our garages. To be put on a wait list, please call our office at 402-441-PARK(7275).

Parking Garage Form:

Monthly Parking Agreement

Center Park Bike Corral Form:


Monthly Bicycle Storage Agreement
Red 1 Bicycle Storage Form:

Bicycle Agreement-Red 1 Garage
Please return applications in person to:
City of Lincoln Parking Office
1100 ‘N’ Street
Lincoln, NE 68508
Phone: 402-441-PARK(7275)
Fax: 402-441-6476

Downtown Businesses

The City of Lincoln Parking Services Division offers many parking solutions & benefits for downtown businesses. We would like to keep you in the know by providing the following links to our most current promotions and upcoming events.


For Residents

If you live downtown or are considering making a move to the area you are probably wondering about parking. The City of Lincoln Parking Services has monthly options for your parking needs depending on the location of your residence. We also have validation programs that can be used by your friends and family when they come to visit. Please call the City of Lincoln Parking Office at 402/441-PARK (7275) for more information. We will be more than happy to explain your choices and find a parking option that will work for you.