Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Appeal a Citation

At the Parking Services Division, we try to make appealing a parking citation as easy as possible.

If you feel like you received an unfair citation or parked at a malfunctioning meter, you can visit our office at 1100 ‘N' Street to appeal or fill out the Appeal Form Form below to submit electronically.

Appeal Form

Note to Mac users & Google Chrome users:this web form is not submittable with Apple computers/software nor Google Chrome browser. We will accept a screen print in a Word document or as a JPG or PDF. Feel free to print and fax us the form.

Note: We ask that you provide evidence corresponding with your citation that will support your circumstance, such as a proof of registration, a handicapped placard, etc. You may send a scanned copy of this information in a separate e-mail to parking@lincoln.ne.gov with your citation number as the subject title, send it in the mail, or fax it to 402/441-6476

How do I appeal a parking citation?

A Request for Dismissal Form can be filled out in our office or online and must be submitted within 14 calendar days after notice of the citation

What information do I need for the form?

You will need to know the citation number, date it was issued, and the license plate or VIN number. If the citation was issued for improper registration or for not having a handicap placard, you must provide evidence corresponding with your citation. (current registration, handicap placard, etc.)

What happens when a Request for Dismissal form is filed?

The citation is put on hold for the amount owed, and the vehicle will not be towed as a result of this citation

How long does the appeal process take?

We ask that you give us up to 14 days to review and respond to your request. If you do not receive a written decision within that time, please contact the parking office.

How will I be notified of the outcome?

You will receive an e-mail, if a legible e-mail address is provided. If not, a letter will be sent to the mailing address.

What if the citation is dismissed?

If the citation is dismissed, no action is needed.

What if the citation is NOT dismissed?

A payment will need to be made immediately. An additional $15.00 administrative fee will accrue after 7 calendar days from the letter date, if not already applied.

If my initial appeal is rejected, and I still disagree, what is the next step?

You may request an Administrative Hearing. This is another level of appeal and is initiated by calling or visiting our office within 14 calendardays following the original review. A deposit by cash or check, equal to the amount of the citation in question, is required. The Urban Development Dept. will schedule a hearing and contact you.

How can I pay for my parking citation?

Pay online at parkandgo.org/pay to save $1. Enclose a check or money order with the citation and mail to our office, call us with an American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or VISA card, or visit our office located at 1100 ‘N’ Street. A drop box is available for after-hour payments. It’s located on the wall to the left of our door.

If the initial appeal and hearing are rejected, what is the next step?

An appeal may be filed with the District Court.