Mission & Vision


“The Parking Section is defined by using appropriate strategies and oversight to promote compliance with its mission and related goals. This is done by supporting existing and future land uses, assisting the City’s economic development initiatives, and preserving parking by providing adequate and high quality parking resources and related services for all users while maintaining and/or increasing revenues to support future parking development.”


“To protect the City’s investment in the parking system by maintaining and improving on a safe, reliable, and efficient parking facilities and equipment. There will be a continuing need to maintain and improve the City’s existing and future parking facilities and equipment. This will be accomplished by utilizing the necessary training, technologies, and modern equipment. The City of Lincoln’s Parking Section will meet escalating public demands, by increasing the system’s ability to be more efficient, accountable, and responsive. The parking system will continue to efficiently serve the public with the highest standards of quality, safety, and responsiveness while working to increase public parking effectiveness.”