Parking Ordinances

Snow Emergency Information

The Mayor may declare three types of parking bans:

  • Snow Emergency: Parking may be banned on both sides of emergency snow routes, arterial streets and City bus routes, as indicated on the map. These routes must remain open for emergency vehicles. Along non-arterial streets, bus routes are marked with signs.
  • Snow Removal Districts: When a snow emergency is declared, the Mayor may prohibit parking on both sides of the street in areas designated as snow removal districts. In these areas, the snow is plowed into windrows, loaded into trucks and hauled out of the area. Typically, snow removal occurs between midnight and 8 a.m. The districts include streets in the following areas:
  • Residential:A residential parking ban applies to streets that are not emergency snow routes, arterial streets or bus routes or included in a snow removal district. Parking is first banned on the even-numbered (north and east) side of the street. Once the Mayor has terminated that ban, parking will be banned on the odd-numbered (south and west) side of the street, and parking is again permitted on the even side.

All bans remain in effect until terminated by the Mayor.
For maps and more information regarding snow routes and removal, please visit the City of Lincolns Snow Removal Plan


Cars parked illegally during Snow Emergency or Residential Parking bans are subject to fines, towing and storage costs at the owners’ expense. For information on the location of towed vehicles, call the Lincoln Police Service Desk, 441-7204.

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