Q&A: Welcoming Raising Cane’s Downtown

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One Love. No, I’m not talking about Bob Marley but the newest eatery to occupy the streets of downtown Lincoln. That is Raising Cane’s philosophy; they only have one love—chicken fingers. Raising Cane’s is no stranger to the Lincoln community. Their location on 48th Street has become one of the most popular spots in town. We spoke with Jennifer Jones, Raising Cane’s owner, about their move downtown.

Outside the new location on the corner of 14th and P Streets

Tell me a little bit about Raising Cane’s history.

Jennifer: Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers was founded by Todd Graves and first opened for business in -Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  The Lincoln Raising Cane’s Franchise was opened in 2006 by [my husband, Justin, and I], who moved from Baton Rouge to bring this chicken finger concept to Nebraska.

What about downtown made you want to open a location here?

Jennifer: We plan to open other locations in Lincoln in the future; downtown was always on their target list.  Justin & I appreciate the dynamic of the college atmosphere and the professional environment combined together.  We also are excited to be a part of the many businesses who are investing in the revitalization of downtown and being able to bring more jobs and opportunities to their company and the city of Lincoln.

Will there be a grand opening event open to customers?

Jennifer: Raising Cane’s 14th & P location will open to the public Friday November 9th at 10:30am.  The first 100 dine in customers will receive a Limited Edition Cane’s T-shirt and also be entered into a raffle for a chance to win FREE CANE”S FOR A YEAR (25 winners will be selected).

What makes Raising Cane’s unique compared to the many other restaurants occupying the downtown area, especially with all the new restaurants?

Jennifer: For most other restaurants, chicken fingers are just one more thing on the menu, but at Raising Cane’s, it’s the ONLY THING so they are able to concentrate on that and doing it better than anyone else. In addition to their fresh, NEVER FROZEN chicken fingers, Justin & I have set out to be active in the community since opening their first location at 48th & R Street and they will continue this at 14th & P.  This Raising Cane’s Franchise has started many annual programs in Lincoln (Cell Phones for Soldiers, Raising Coats with Raising Cane’s, Stuff the Bus) and is continuously supporting many other organizations and individuals throughout the year.

Can you describe the atmosphere of your restaurant for someone who’s never been there?

Jennifer: Raising Cane’s has a great crew that loves what they do and this is shown by their service.  You can always expect a cool, upbeat and fun atmosphere.

They’re ready for you! Employees preparing for the opening. Photo via Raising Canes

What can customers expect?

Jennifer: You can expect a great tasting chicken finger meal that uses only the highest quality ingredients, is cooked to order, and served with a smile.

What would you suggest customers order when they come for the first time?

Jennifer: The Box Combo.  This is [our] most popular menu item and will give you a chance to try all that they offer:
-Fresh, never frozen chicken tenderloins that have been marinated for at least 24 hours, battered and seasoned by hand, and cooked to  
-Crispy krinkle cut fries
-Thick Texas Toast brushed with garlic butter
-Tangy Cole Slaw
-And the famous Cane’s sauce that people love so much they’ll drink it straight….it’s that good!
-Ice-cold fresh squeezed lemonade or freshly brewed sweet and unsweet tea, hand-made every day and served over crushed ice.

Where can people stay up-to-date with Raising Cane’s promotions and specials?

Jennifer:  Follow them on Facebook, ask a crewmember at either location for details about their local community programs and for any donations or community request items please email:{encode="" title=" .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)"}

What will your hours be? I’ve heard you guys will be open late night on weekends. Is this true?

Jennifer: Sunday-Wednesday 10:30am-11pm, Thursday-Saturday 10:30am-3am

Anything else you would like to share about Raising Cane’s?

Jennifer: Justin and I are very proud to bring Raising Cane’s to the downtown community and look forward to sharing our ONE LOVE with you.

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