St. Mary’s Students Pitching In to Keep Downtown Clean

Keep Lincoln & Lancaster County (KLLCB), a program of the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department is celebrating its 30th anniversary of serving Lincoln and surrounding communities. To acknowledge this achievement KLLCB’s Advisory Committee had a commemorative park bench installed in downtown Lincoln. Located at 13th & K streets, the bench has the message “Keep Lincoln Clean” cut into its back along with a plaque reminding citizens about KLLCB’s 30 years or service.

Staying true to its mission, KLLCB partnered with St. Mary’s School to keep the downtown area surrounding the bench litter free. Teacher Christy TenHulzen’s 6th grade class is volunteering throughout the school year to keep their corner of downtown Lincoln clean.

The students will be going out twice a month to clean about eight blocks of downtown Lincoln in an area adjacent to the State Capitol and home to several businesses. Heavy foot and vehicle traffic exacerbates the litter problem and makes the area a prime location for this volunteer project.

KLLCB has provided trash bags, gloves and safety vests to the St. Mary’s class. The students will also be keeping track of the amounts of litter and recyclable material they pick up each time to see if their efforts are having a positive impact on the environment.

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