Monthly parking accounts give you the best value if you live downtown or work or attend classes full time. They give you unlimited access to a guaranteed space 24/7, with the exception of home football games. Accounts are assigned to a specific facility and each facility has it’s own unique monthly rate.

To set up a monthly parking account, we ask that you stop by our office in the Haymarket Parking Garage at 850 “Q” St.

A Monthly Parking Agreement will need to be filled out in addition to paying the first month, or half-month’s, parking rent.  We can prorate accounts in half-month increments (i.e. the 1st & 16th).  There is also a $10 keycard fee for the proxy card you’ll use to get in & out.  Your monthly parking account will automatically renew each month until we receive a cancellation in writing.  We send invoices on the 20th of each month (or following business day).